On behalf of the MFest family, we would like to welcome everyone to the next branch of the MFest brand. MFest started in SoCal many years ago and since have grown, 2015 an exciting new journey for the MFest family with the introduction of the MY LIFE TOUR Worlwide Event. What is our goal: Reach out and unite all car and lifestyle enthusiasts from all walks of life and enjoy a celebration of art as it relates to our cars. FUN Let’s all come out in full effect and witness the evolution and change that everyone is waiting for!
Few facts about MFest: circa 2008 MFest aka Motorsport Festival
What’s MFest? is the “Premier Automotive and Lifestyle Event BRAND” MY LIFE: Is the LIFESTYLE sadthe culture.
Do I have to have a BMW car to join or participate at MFest events? NO, Everyone is welcome! All you need to have is a positive attitude, ready to have fun and NO DRAMA pls.
Are other enthusiast/ car clubs/ team welcome to join: Absolutely YES!